In School Programs

Project-Based & Hands-on Innovation Programs For Grades k-12

If you’re here reading this, it’s because you have been looking to bring the ultimate learning experience to your students. As a cutting-edge educator, we have a pretty good idea of what you value: hands-on, project-based learning, innovation, and cultivating an interdisciplinary learning environment!

At Startup Skool, our commitment is to bring you an engaging curriculum and resources to create a memorable learning experience for you and your students. Our program consists of project-based learning, core competency development, and inquiry-driven learning activities.

Through the generous support of partners, teachers in Victoria and on the Southern Vancouver Island supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria are eligible for free programs and a classroom celebratory Pizza Lunch. Please send an email to [email protected] with your school’s information, the grades participating, and the dates you would like to run the program.

Benefits To You:

  • Competency driven and content-based;
  • Flexible and adaptable to your teaching style;
  • An interdisciplinary approach that is aligned to provincial standards;
  • Core competency development: communication, thinking, and personal/social;
  • A blended learning platform that only requires wifi and a projector or smartboard;
  • Engaging video and text-based lessons;
  • Interactive group activities;

Benefits to Your Students:

  • A hands-on learning experience;
  • Students learn to work as a team with their fellow students to solve complex business and entrepreneurial problems;
  • Encourages students to think critically;
  • Teaches students how to set and accomplish goals;
  • How to effectively communicate with their peers, teachers, and parents;
  • Your class will learn how to generate ideas, then implement them;
  • Students gain valuable financial literacy skills while discovering their passions; and
  • The ability to make a difference locally and globally.

Please review our Teacher Agreement before running this program with your class. If you do not have the funds to purchase a full program, we recommend downloading the following condensed programs. These lesson guidelines are suitable for grades k-8. Please note these lessons require you to provide a micro-loan for your class.

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