Teacher FAQ

How many classrooms have participated?

We’ve had over 175 classrooms participate from K-12 from across Canada and even internationally.

What areas of the curriculum are addressed?

Our curriculum focuses on core competency development, identifies as project-based learning, and uses inquiry-based activities to derive high engagement with students. For elementary we meet a number of prescribed learning outcomes in areas of goals and decisions, social studies, language arts, mathematics, and health and career. For middle we meet areas of social studies, language, the arts, mathematics, and health and career. For high school we meet outcomes directly related to courses in business education, planning, economics, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

How many businesses are created in a class?

In grades K-8, we suggest creating one business as a class. Working together as a class on one business ensures the best possible learning experience for your students. In grades 9-12 we suggest classrooms work on one business or operate a few small businesses with a minimum of four students per business. In this case, each business will be given a $100 micro-loan.

Do you come into my class?

Unfortunately no, our programs are available online for you to run with your class. If you are looking for to create a specialized program for your class or school please email [email protected].

What businesses have worked in the past?

Check out our Success Stories and our Pinterest page to see many of the successful businesses created by our students.

What if I don’t have any background in entrepreneurship?

Not a problem! Our program works so that you help facilitate the learning experience for your students. Our Learning Hub works to guide you through the process.

How much work will this be?

Our program is directly embedded within the curriculum. By running our program, we’ll help you meet many of your prescribed learning outcomes and requirements for the year. It’s not more work, but it is different work.

What if my students fail?

98% of classes who participate in our program are successful in reaching the revenue goal of $500. If you’re not sure if your students’ ideas are viable, we recommend having students conduct research into seeing if there is any interest for their idea. If you need help with this, please feel free to contact us.

Can I run this program after school or with a specific group?

Unfortunately, no. We truly believe our program works best within your own classroom setting. However, if you’re interested in setting up an alternative program, we do have licenses available for alternative curriculum and programming. Please email us at [email protected] before signing up to run this program outside your regular classroom.

General advice?

  • Our program is designed to be flexible. It is designed to adapt in the way that best fosters entrepreneurial thinking within your classroom. Our program is unique because it also requires you, your personality, and your teaching style to be successful. You don’t need to follow our instructions word for word. You can adapt and tweak what you want to make it the best learning experience for your students!
  • Our online learning platform will assist you in facilitating the program while our staff and coaches will help mentor your class. All the while,  our strong community of educators and entrepreneurs are here to support you and celebrate your successes.
  • As an educator, it can be difficult to give up control to your students. Trust us, in our program, letting your student’s take the lead will enhance their learning experience.