Our Partners

“If we could get kids to embrace the idea at a young age of being entrepreneurial, we could change everything in the world that is a problem today.” - Cameron Herold

Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders. One Kid At A Time.

We’re focused on teaching the next wave of young leaders how to think with an entrepreneurial mindset, so that one day they can tackle our society’s most difficult social and environmental problems – and make real change. Our hands-on programs focus on developing the core skills that are found in today’s cutting edge leaders: Design Thinking, Technological Prowess, and an Entrepreneurial Drive to improve the future of our society.

Partner With Us This Summer

We’re looking for entrepreneurs and innovators from startups to large scale companies who would be interested in a collaborating with us. Join us as a guest speaker, help us create a case study around your business to include in our curriculum, act as a dragon for Friday Pitch Days, sponsor our classes with healthy snacks & drink, or help us send a kid in need to Startup Skool through our financial assistance program! Contact [email protected] to get involved!